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Who we are

Soft hand brace to fight the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Welcome to CARPALELLO. The idea of fighting carpal tunnel syndrome bringing relief to those who suffer, arose a few years ago with the experience of my father suffering from the annoying syndrome.  It was in that time that I decided to capitalize on my experience and knowledge in the biomedical field, and dedicate myself to the creation of a soft hand brace suitable to combat carpal tunnel syndrome, bringing relief by acting on the posture of the hand. 

A challenge aimed at innovation, in contrast to the pathology.


CARPALELLO is a soft hand brace that helps in reducing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
It is an innovative product, covered by an Italian patent application No. 102017000069456 dated 22nd June 2017 and by an
International patent application No. PCT / EP2018 / 066052 filed on June 18th 2018.
CARPALELLO is a registered trademark No. 017935704 published in the European Union Trade Marks Bulletin on 20 November 2018.

Main features of the Carpal Tunnel hand brace Carpalello

Our carpal tunnel hand brace is simple and is made of high-tolerance hypoallergenic materials, plus:

  • It is not invasive
  • It gives relief
  • Easily washable
  • It is not invasive
  • It gives relief
  • Easily washable
  • It has no contraindications found
  • Tax deductible
  • Made in Italy



How does Carpalello work?

CARPALELLO acts by exerting a gentle mechanical action on the hand when worn. The combined actions of the traction exerted by the elastic band with the compression of the pad on the back of the hand, create a light tension to the carpal tunnel with a consequent enlargement, generating a relief.

Where can I find CARPALELLO reviews?

CARPALELLO is also sold on Amazon, some of our customers have left reviews sharing their experience (amazon.it). Because of the positive reviews and of the good shipping and post sales services, Carpalello has also become an "Amazon's Choice" (not yes on all sizes), a product recommended by Amazon for those looking for a solution to this problem.

NOTE:    Sales in Amazon are suspended for problems caused by the Coronavirus: the Amazon delivery times became too long, and above all, for hygiene reasons as the returns with Amazon are put back on sale without adequate control and cleaning.

There are so many carpal tunnel braces on the market, why should I use CARPALELLO?

Traditional braces on the market act "passively" by blocking the wrist, keeping the hand in a neutral position avoiding further compression of the median nerve.

CARPALELLO instead, acts "actively" by creating a slight tension right on the carpal tunnel. This generates a widening resulting in rapid relief from the symptoms.

The benefits of CARPALELLO are felt in a very short time and also in this way it favors both an improvement in the functionality of the hand and resolution. All leaving the hand and fingers free, and without the use of drugs.

Have any contraindications been found in the use of Carpalello?

No, there were no contraindications in the use of CARPALELLO.

Why should a person with carpal tunnel syndrome use Carpalello?

Being affected by the carpal tunnel syndrome means having pain and discomfort that can seriously affect the quality of life. The worst pains appear at night and disturb sleep. CARPALELLO allows to reduce these illnesses thanks to a gentle mechanical tension that does not cause disturbance.

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It is a CE medical device.
Carefully read the warnings and instructions for use.

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