Symptoms Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are variable, but the most common are:

  • Tingling, pain and numbness of the palm and fingers affected by the median nerve (thumb, index, middle and partially annular) that occur mainly at night or in the morning
  • Sensation of electrical discharge to the fingers
  • Feelings of swelling and burning
  • Pains that can extend from the wrist to the elbow and sometimes to the shoulder
  • Difficulty in grasping and holding objects
  • Weakness in the hands
  • Finger coordination problems
  • Atrophy of the muscle under the thumb in an advanced state of the problem

Symptoms appearance and pathology evolution

Usually the symptoms start sporadically and gradually, and then eventually become more persistent.
When the symptoms begin to manifest with a certain insistence, the tingling and pains feel more during the night until they disturb the rest. 

During the day, the symptoms appear perhaps when you take objects in hand or maybe when you are driving the car. Gradually then one begins to feel a certain awkwardness and weakness in the hands that makes even trivial movements and operations with the hands difficult.

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